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I'm Jim McIntyre and author of this blog. This blog is focused on community events and things to do around the Tri-Cities WA region that are associated primarily with non-profit organizations and annual community events. If you have a community event you want to share then email your event for consideration. Please do not contact me about commercial promotions or ad space. Also, I normally do not share events from retail/commmercial establishments (wineries/local music venues, etc.) - unless it is in support of a local non-profit organization.

You may send me an email of your event details to webmaster@tri-citiesguide.org. Please include the following information:

How I Publish Events

I publish an average of 24 events per week. Most of the events I publish appear in two locations: my Blog and Facebook. My Blog is my starting point where I publish a weekly list of upcoming events. The majority of the events on Facebook are scheduled posts from my Blog. I also submit my Blog posts to the Google and Bing search engines. As a result, this enables me to target a much broader audience with community events.

I also publish special events thoughout the year based on seasonal themes: Fall Festivals, Holiday Lights, Valentine's Day, Summer Outdoor Music Concerts, Summer Movies, Summer Camps, Veterans Day, 4th of July, Mother's Day, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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